Two eggs on Monday and then…..nothing. We were starting to think the chickens were becoming huge slackers…And then… one more on Thursday and one more on Saturday. Check ’em out below. They’re pretty.



It’s hard to describe, on a blog, the level of excitement in our house.

Demise of the Last Remaining Free-ranger (aka Georgia)


Sorry Malachi,

You’re awfully cute and we love you a lot, but we don’t protect chicken-killers on this blog. I hate to say it but you’re really a very bad dog. Sorry if we’re a little cold to you for the next few days, it’s going to take some time to get over the loss. And aren’t you sorry that Georgia is gone and you’re chicken-chasing fun is over?



(Below is correspondence I received while out of town. Apparently Georgia went out with one final ba-gawk.)

Hi Miss Rachel,

Hope you are having a wonderful time in Indiana. Chrissy and I have had a blast so far.

This morning we had the opportunity to dig a grave for Georgia. She is buried across the stream from the chicken coop. Very nice spot really.

I know that you are assuming that Ruby is the murderess, but don’t be surprised when I tell you that Mali is indeed the culprit. I saw it with my own two eyes. I haven’t told Bekah yet. Figured I would wait to tell her tomorrow.

Really from an outside perspective, this morning’s scene was probably the most ridiculous ever. You should have seen me screaming bloody murder. 🙂 I cussed like any good sailor.

Anyway, can’t wait to see you tomorrow. Have a safe trip home.

Love ya!



In the New Yard

Check out the ladies enjoying their (newly covered) yard. Look out for the lurking cat in the background. (She’s also the object of all the threats made during the filming).

It’s so hard being Sylvia…

It’s unfair, really. They’re so plump and fluffy and they make such interesting noises.  All you want is one chicken. Just one.  And you can’t have it, no matter how hard you work for it.   It’s ruining your life…

Happy Girls




Netting the coop

Current Count: 6 in the house (Loretta plus the 5 “ladies”)

1 Free-ranger

We finally did it. 25 feet of bird netting, a staple gun and about 5 dozen zip-ties later, we’ve finally enclosed the top of the coop. John tried his best to get out of it (as in he woke up at 6:30 am and left our house the day-of) but Anna “persuaded” him to come back and devote and second day to fixing up our chicken coop. Because he loves us.







John’s reward for helping is to eat one chicken.


Persuading the chickens to enjoy their new yard.


Walking back in, about 2 seconds after coming out.