Last Remaining Free-Ranger


Pictured above is the last-remaining of the free-rangers.   Better known lately as the Bad-Ass Chicken.  She’s living in a patch of briars just above the henhouse.  Sometimes she comes down to hang out outside of the henhouse and I throw corn at her and she hangs out and eats it for a bit.  I’ve gotten within about a yard of her.   I think I would have had her at this point, except that just at that moment that I start to make a move, I see, out of the corner of my eye, the cat shaking her butt, springing and charging straight at the chicken.   She actually gets close enough to touch her at which point the chicken ba-gawks, flaps her feathers and moves farther away.  At which point the cat runs back under the henhouse to resume her post.   I’m working on getting video.


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