We’ve moved…

You can now keep up with our chickens at www.flythecoopwv.com, thanks to some free web-hosting from my favorite boy:

I know a photo with a chicken would be more appropriate but well, he won’t touch them. Not to worry, he doesn’t really eat cats, although he does eat chickens….sigh….

Is that mean? The boy does something super nice and I reward him with a cat-eating picture on a public blog? Ok, how about this? He looks a bit more wholesome here, right?

Jamie: The chickens thank you. Too bad you don’t like eggs. It’s really the only form of payment they have.


International Respect for Chickens Day (Sunday, May 4)

International Respect for Chickens Day

Don’t forget to celebrate tomorrow!  Maybe take a treat to a special chicken that you know.  (See here if you need ideas….).

Seriously, while the chickens are entertaining, we actually do a have a greater purpose behind our, um,  “chicken experiment.”  For more information on the sad nature of factory poultry farming, please take a moment to visit the site of the United Poultry Concerns and read a bit about the chicken industry.

And, look, as a reward for your efforts I’ll point you in the direction of this fun chicken-calendar photo contest and you can vote for your favorites.  No, we didn’t enter our girls this time, as we have yet to master the art of chicken photography.  (Harder than you think).  Maybe next year.

Do you sense a theme here?

Once upon a time there were 5 girls living in a big yellow house in Shepherdstown. Three now live in southern West Virginia with their six chickens. One lives in Portland, OR, where apparently chickens are only allowed on the stage.

She’s still at it…

Yep, she’s still at it. Sometimes she just sits outside the coop and watches them like they’re tv. Other times (like when I’m in there) she just engages in full-fledged begging. Like here:

(Watch about 26 seconds in, when she takes a second to imagine what fresh chicken might taste like, and she licks her lips. Also notice what happens when I turn my back).

In case you were wondering…

Our chickens don’t really care for pineapple. Or organic spring mix. Or baby spinach. But they do like cucumbers, strawberries and tomatoes and they’re kind of into alfalfa sprouts. You know, in case you come to visit and you want to be a good, snack-bringing houseguest.

Pineapple Chicken

Being a vegetarian, the I hear the word chicken and I see, you know, a chicken….

So the other morning I’m making fruit salad and wondering what scraps I can give to the girls.  Not being sure about the tropical fruit, I do a quick google of chickens and pineapple.

You know where this is going right?

They want me to cook my chickens, with pineapple.


Just an update

Current Count

Chickens: 6

Eggs: 6

2 more eggs today. Any bets on how long it will take us to fill the carton?

Our egg inspector. We’re getting him a badge.

And finally, we leave you with a photo of the ladies. (Minus the anti-social one that ran away).